‘This morning I feel …’


‘This morning I feel … because …’ is how my grade 4 class begins their day.

I am currently completing my very last teaching placement. My teacher is so great and I am learning lots from her! The very first day, she began by standing in front of the class and asking them if they wanted to share how they felt.  I was immediately intrigued.  Almost half the class raised their hand and she took the time to let each of them speak.  She listened to every student who had raised their hand. Listening and asking questions to learn more. I was in awe! ‘This morning I feel excited because tonight I’m going to watch a movie with my mom’, ‘This morning I feel sad because my little brother was up sick all night’.  They were so sweet and you could tell the kids were happy and felt as though someone cared.  I found this to be so beautiful.  She does this every morning.

I think this a such a fantastic idea for many reasons…

1 – Each child lives a different life at home. It’s not every child who has someone they can talk to that will take the time to really listen to them and interest themselves in what they have to say. This gives them the chance to express themselves and have someone care.

2 – It gives you insight as to why a certain child might be behaving a certain way during the day.  The child that seems to be day dreaming and not following the lesson might just be worried about his grandpa who is sick.  Knowing what a child is going through can help you deal with their behaviour.

3 – It allows you to get to know your students and it allows your students to get to know you, which helps classroom management.  Knowing about your students interests and hobbies can also help with lesson planning!

4 – Oral communication.  This gives the students an opportunity to practice expressing themselves and explaining themselves in front of others. Oral communication doesn’t always have to be a formal presentation where students stand in front of the class explaining their project.  

I think this is a beautiful idea.  It is definitely something I’d like to integrate into my very own classroom one day! I hope this has inspired you as much as it has inspired me! If you have similar activities you’d like to share, go for it!! I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time,

K ❤


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